Executive Coaching We help you maximize your professional and personal goals

Is coaching right for you?

Consider the following questions:

Do you feel…

  • Do you feel “stuck” or “isolated” in your job or in your role as a leader of your organization?
  • Do you feel there are areas in your career or business that you wish you could improve or progress, but you find that there is no time to do so?
  • Do you feel pressure or stress from your boss, board, staff, investors, or constituents? And, that you have no one to turn to for resolving your challenging work issues?

Do you want to…

  • Do you want to change or stop behaviors that are interfering with your progress?
  • Do you want to have more balance in your professional and personal life?
  • Do you want to have the structured and confidential support of an accountability partner who can help you be more successful in your organization?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, we invite you to experience our executive coaching services.

Who we coach

  • Senior executives at corporations
  • Leaders at nonprofits
  • Small business owners
  • Emerging leaders
  • Executives in career transition
  • Business professionals dealing with work-related issues
  • Leadership teams

How coaching works

S.B. Lemons & Company’s executive coaching services is designed to help you maximize your professional and personal goals. We focus on the growth of the individual employee, manager, director, entrepreneur, executive officer, or leadership team.

  • One-to-one Coaching
  • Team Coaching
  • Board Meeting Facilitation
  • Workshop and Retreat Facilitation
  • Stakeholder Meeting Faciliation
  • Strategic Planning Conferences
  • Business Development Planning Sessions
  • Board Development
  • Succession Planning Coaching
  • Nonprofit Fundraising Coaching

“We aspire to provide our clients with a transformative coaching experience. We love the “aha moments,” those moments when a client reflects back on a coaching session and can clearly articulate his or her key takeaways and action items.”

Norbert K.C. Tan
Principal and Director of the
Executive Coaching and Facilitation Practice

Norbert Tan

Why coaching matters

  • Coaching helps you chart a clear and written path to achieve your professional and personal goals
  • Coaching connects you with a seasoned business professional who may act as both your accountability partner and your professional advocate
  • Coaching provides a sounding board for you to reflect on would-be pivotal and life-changing decisions
  • Coaching creates an opportunity to build a professional relationship with a coach who, through time, can come to understand your history and thereby better support you in shaping your future
  • Coaching is often considered to be at the root of leadership success and self-fulfillment

Contact our coaching services

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Frequently asked questions

How would you describe the executive coaching experience?

Consider the words of one of our executive coaches: “As your executive coach, I will help you move forward with your professional goals in a confidential setting. Serving as your thought partner and guide, walking alongside you, I will help you discover your own solutions to issues and achieve clarity for your goals, vision, and desires. We’ll embark on a process of inquiry and personal discovery to build your level of awareness and responsibility.”

Do you only coach senior executives?

No. We coach professionals at all levels of an organization.

Do you coach people outside of the marketing or international business field?

Yes. We coach people in a wide range of functional areas, e.g. technology, accounting, finance, marketing, operations, human resources, etc.

Do you work with international clients?

Yes. We welcome the opportunity to work with expatriates or executives who are new to the United States. Given our global experience and international travel, we are skilled at intercultural relations.

What makes your executive coaching or coach(es) different?

Start with the premise that: the connection or chemistry between the client and the coach rests at the nexus of the executive coaching relationship. That being said, our executive coaches are exceptionally skilled at coaching because of: 1) their superior level of professional experience and educational training, 2) their global perspective and consequent sensitivity to others, and 3) their desire to make a difference in the lives of others.

In what way or ways do you address the unique coaching needs of African American, Asian, and Hispanic professionals?

Look at us. We are not a firm whose staff or leadership team is exclusively comprised of straight white men -- not that there’s anything inherently right or wrong with individuals who fit that demographic profile. Proudly, we are an organization of diverse professionals. Having conversations, for example, about race, gender, and other forms of diversity is not new to us.

Is career coaching included in your service offering?

Yes. As part of our executive coaching and facilitation practice, we work with individuals to map out their long-term vision and career goals. And, on a more micro or tactical level, we work with individuals to fine-tune their résumé and to prepare for upcoming job interviews.

How long does the coaching last?

Coaching sessions are often conducted either in-person or over the telephone, ranging from 60-minute to 90-minute sessions. We work with clients to develop a 4-12 month engagement agreement, with sessions typically taking place every other week.

If my company is paying for the executive coaching, how do you manage the confidentiality between the coach and the client?

An individual may pay or self-fund the executive coaching. Likewise, a company may pay for the executive coaching on behalf of an individual or a team. In whichever case, we maintain the confidentiality of the individual(s). We do not release client information unless the client gives us permission to do so, or we are mandated by law to do so. Matters related to billing and confidentiality are reviewed with the client prior to the start of an executive coaching engagement.

Do you facilitate meetings or retreats? And, do you help with difficult conversations between individuals or groups?

Yes to all the above. Our executive coaches are skilled communicators who can quickly synthesize information in order to help a client find a solution to an issue or problem.


Executive Coaching

“Stanley B. Lemons is an absolutely brilliant thought partner. His ability to move effortlessly through career mapping while providing the encouragement needed for commitment to a plan is a game changer. Stan's dedication to the client's success is unmatched. I'm so very grateful for his care, attention and time he spent coaching me through my most important pivot to date..”

Jane Hamilton
Vice President of Strategic Affairs, Matthews Southwest
Past Candidate, United States Hous of Representatives

Executive Coaching Client

"A close friend of mine recommended Stan's Executive Coaching services to me, as I was in the process of applying for a senior leadership position within my company. I went into the coaching engagement feeling a little apprehensive, since I was unclear of what to expect and what insight he could possibly offer me on a "promotion" opportunity within my current company. Well, I must say that I was mistaken by my pre-conceived ideas about the coaching. Stan first worked diligently with me, to help me prepare my executive resume, as I had not needed to present a resume in almost 10 years. More importantly, he was instrumental in helping me to understand that there is a difference between interviewing for a new position at a new company versus interviewing for a senior leadership promotion within my current organization.

Working with Stan and the S.B. Lemons & Company executive coaching team provided me with insight and preparation that was invaluable. I learned a lot about myself, including strengths and areas of growth. Stan challenged me to level up and to recognize and celebrate my talents. With his assistance, I felt confident and overly prepared walking into my interview(s) before multiple panels, inclusive of the CEO/COO and an 18-person board. 

Stan has proven to be a consummate and knowledgeable professional. I am glad to call him a new friend, and I highly recommend his company.”

Sonya Brown
Regional Vice President
St. Louis, Missouri

Executive Coaching and Facilitation Client

“Having founded a 21-year-old professional theatre company, my team experienced a level of growth that was new to us all. I engaged Norbert to facilitate two board of director’s retreats, and to also work with me as an executive coach. He has the ability to cut through complex relationships and to help our team focus on critical issues that matter most to our organization. Norbert is an engaging facilitator, and a master “cat-herder.” I was amazed that in a room of board members with varying degrees of involvement, wealth, and personalities, he was able to get us all on the same page. As an executive coach, I find Norbert’s counsel to be valuable, supportive, and stern. I appreciate that he is able to be my advocate and keep me accountable at the same time.”

Oanh Nguyen
Founder and Artistic Director, The Chance Theater Company
Anaheim, California

Executive Coaching and Facilitation Client

“Leading a non-profit advocacy organization that has over 40 member organizations, I engaged Norbert as my executive coach to help me strategize and work through numerous board, staff, financial and strategic issues. He was extremely thoughtful in his approach to the challenges my organization faced. Norbert also helped me design and develop an inaugural workshop series for non-profit Executive Directors. He facilitated this workshop series and created a space where these hard-working executives could collaborate and do deep dives of key issues in a supportive peer environment. Norbert has a unique gift to encourage creative conversations and at the same time keep us all accountable and moving forward.”

Manjusha Kulkarni
Executive Director, Asian Pacific Policy & Planning Council
Los Angeles, California