Corporate Strategy We help our clients chart a path toward optimal growth

  • Corporate Strategy
  • Goal Development
  • Organization Alignment
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Board Development
  • Industry and Trend Analysis
  • Corporate Identity and Branding
S.B. Lemons & Company, LLC

“We take pride in serving our clients.

When our clients win, we win.”

Stanley B. Lemons

Founder and President

S.B. Lemons & Company, LLC

How we can help

  • Partner with you to create and execute your corporate strategy and business unit strategy
  • Engage with you to develop and refine your vision, mission, and goals
  • Assist you in aligning your organization to increase your revenue, control your expenses, and improve your operating efficiency
  • Perform competitive analyses to help you outsmart your competition
  • Improve your stakeholder relations, inclusive of your customers, investors, board members, vendors, and employees
  • Synthesize and understand both your external environment and industry trends
  • Harness your marketing, communications, and public relations opportunities
  • Collaborate with you to build a high performance leadership team and succession plan
  • Lead ideation and strategic planning sessions aimed at creating new, innovative products and services
  • Identify growth markets, followed by establishing a winning, customer-centric market entry strategy