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We help our clients grow.

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S.B. Lemons & Company, LLC

Corporate Strategy

We help our clients chart a path toward optimal growth.

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S.B. Lemons & Company

Marketing Strategy

We grow revenue and brands.

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S.B. Lemons & Company

Marketing Communications

We connect you with your target audience.

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S.B. Lemons & Company

Corporate Training

We teach marketing strategy.

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Executive Coaching

We help you maximize your professional and personal goals.

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Welcome to S.B. Lemons & Company

S.B. Lemons & Company is a strategy consulting firm. Our mission is to provide consulting services in the fields of marketing and international business.
We help our clients grow.

  • 1

    Market Analysis

    Research market opportunities and perform business analyses in an effort to identify new customers, clients, partners, patients, students, members, or donors.

  • 2

    Company Strategy

    Partner with you to write an impactful marketing plan in order to guide your activities and increase your revenue.

  • 3

    Product & Service Expansion

    Expand your market share by collaborating with you to launch a new product or service in your existing market or in a different city, state, or country.

  • 4

    Customer Acquisition

    Generate more demand for your products or services by optimizing the marketing mix, as well as your marketing budget and spend.

  • 5


    Create a logo, brochure, flyer, postcard, or other types of marketing collateral about your business so that prospective customers understand the value of what you do.

  • 6

    Website Development

    Solidify your digital marketing footprint by designing a new -- on strategy -- website for your business or by refreshing your existing website content for readability and search engine optimization (SEO).

  • 7

    Social Media

    Extend your company’s market reach to new or emerging online audiences by both branding and leveraging your social media channels.

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Don McKneeley

Chairman & CEO, Minority Business News USA and Women’s Enterprise USA

Corporate Client

"We hired S.B. Lemons & Company to help with increasing our revenues and to assist with developing our overall corporate strategy. The firm conducted market research, customer, company and competitive analysis to address our needs. Their recommendations were on the mark and very helpful in both streamlining our organization and identifying opportunities to improve our profitability. We are now implementing many of the recommendations. S. B. Lemons & Company did great work. I highly recommend Stan and his organization."

Tominko Musco

Founder and President, I Can't Believe It's Chocolate!!

Corporate Client

"Stan Lemons helped me expand my thinking process for my business, establish new strategic goals for the upcoming year, and clarify the net benefits of my services. He focuses on how to pull people into your loop and keep your product or service in the forefront of their minds."

La Shandra L. Barbarin

Chief Operating Officer, Medical Center of McKinney

Health Care Client

"As a large tertiary care facility, we engaged the services of S.B. Lemons & Company to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of our marketing strategies including print media, website design and applications, and advertising. Stan’s ability to diagnose the dichotomy in the intended marketing message provided multiple “Aha moments” for our Management Team. Additionally, his ability to reduce intelligence gained from internal and external stakeholders into a concise listing of recommendations was most impressive. Stan’s tactical recommendations were concise, attainable and easily transferred into a marketing plan that has proven successful in connecting with new patients and the community we serve, while driving patient loyalty and recognition. For these reasons, I strongly recommend S.B. Lemons & Company."